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[23 Nov 2009|11:22pm]
[ mood | pissed off ]

while i was working, i had all of these 'friends' that always wanted to hang out an do stuff. i hardly ever did anything with them, because i'm not a drinking kind of girl.

then i got pregnant.

everyone was super supportive and looked out for me at work (i worked with mental patients..not a safe work environment for anyone, especially while pregnant), and made it so i did as little as possible. they covered for me and were the greatest people alive. i couldn't have asked for a better bunch. they protected me from patients and other nosy staff, they kept my pregnancy a secret from the patients (which wasn't hard, i never actually looked pregnant. when i delivered at 40wks 1 day, i barely looked 5 or 6 months pregnant). they took my pulls to the more dangerous units, and they always made sure i could take a lunch break. when i had horrible all day sickness, they let me hide in the office or just sit and answer the phone. they all pushed me to get my doctor to put me on early maternity leave, so nothing bad could happen.

once i was put on maternity leave at about 28 weeks, they planned me a 'surprise' baby shower. they called to see what i needed/wanted and were all so excited.

about 32 weeks in,i was forced to resign. i was told that since i didn't have a life threatening illness or anything that could jeopardize my pregnancy, so i had to come back. i was given the option of having my doctor write me a note and release me back to work, or i could face a disciplinary committee and lose my job. i fought it with everything i could and in the end, was forced to resign. i lost my job, my vacation pay, and my insurance. i was devastated.

with the exception of 2 people, no one called. no one called to ask how i was, if we needed anything, or if there was anything anyone could do to help. the surprise shower never happened, because no one wanted to come anymore. i didn't work there and they'd probably never see me again, so what was the point? all these people were so excited when i found out i was pregnant and were so wonderful while i was working, and now they all wanted nothing to do with me.

now that she's here, a few people have called and sent congratulatory emails, but none have visited. none have given us the gifts they'd promised us in the beginning, no one cares anymore. (with the exception of the 2 people above) they haven't even said anything to me on facebook or myspace (which even the bosses have).

this rips me to pieces. these people were my FRIENDS, or so i thought. they helped me through so much, and i'd like to think i did the same. they were all so excited for me and the thought of having a baby around, and now they've done nothing. no calls, no email, no nothing. why is that? what did i do? why make these promises, if you have no intention of fulfilling them?

i guess i should have expected this. it seems that in evansville in order to have friends, you must be an alcoholic. and i'm not. i thought i had a good thing going with some of them, but apparently i was wrong. someone showed an interest the last few days and was supposed to come visit today. it didn't happen. i got all excited and straightened up a bit, for no reason. i thought it would be different. i thought people would care. i thought babies made everyone happy, but for some reason, mine didn't.

my baby makes me happy. every day. these bastards don't know what they're missing.

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[22 Nov 2009|10:27am]
You know how sometimes people on your friendslist post about stuff going on in their life, and all of a sudden you think "Wait a minute? Since when were they working THERE? Since when were they dating HIM/HER? Since when???" And then you wonder how you could have missed all that seemingly pretty standard information, but somehow you feel too ashamed to ask for clarification because it seems like info you should already know? It happens to all of us sometimes.

Please copy the topics below, erase my answers and put yours in their place, and then post it in your journal! Please elaborate on the questions that would benefit from elaboration. One-Word-Answers seldom help anyone out. (:

*if you want to know anything else, or want me to elaborate further, please ask.


02. AGE
26--27 in March

Evansville, IN. i'm from Cincinnati, and sometimes i wish we still lived there.

currently i'm a mommy and a housewife. i was a psychiatric attendant for the state of indiana, until they forced me to resign, due to my pregnancy. (long story, i'll tell you all about it if you want to know!)

Alex. we have been together off and on since 1995. we've been married since May 2004

06. KIDS?
Yep! she's new. Eleanor LaRae (haven't quite worked out a nickname. i call her elle, my mom calls her ellie (which alex and i can't stand), and alex wants to call her Rae.)

i have one brother, Daniel. he's my best long distance friend. we've always been close, but over the last few years, we've gotten closer. i'd move mountains for him.

08. PETS
Jake the wonder dog (beagle/border collie mix). we had to put our other dog, Carmen, to sleep earlier this year. alex has had her since she was a puppy (it's hard to imagine a 90lb black lab as a puppy!)

1. we have a baby!
2. alex may be joining the air force
3. holidays mean lots of baking!

my parents are separated, working on a divorce. they never should have stayed married as long as they did. they both have their own apartments (mom in deer park, dad in norwood), and they live their own lives.

i don't really have any, right now. i'm pretty isolated, since losing my job and having a baby, i rarely leave the apartment. i'm fine with it though. sometimes i wish i had people to go hang out with, but for the most part, i prefer to hang out with alex and the baby. i do have Dawn though.

Dawn: a nurse i used to work with at the State Hospital. she just welcomed her first grandson (Kaiden), who we have already betrothed to Eleanor. she's my person i can call and just bitch about anything to.

i'm boring.
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[20 Nov 2009|11:39pm]
so. . my dad was in a motorcycle accident and spent 12 days in ICU at University Hospital, intubated for 10 of them. He broke some ribs and clavicle and ran his entire left side along the road for a while. had some really nice bruises and road rash. ended up diagnosing him with severe obstructive sleep apnea (which we all knew he had, he was just in denial) and COPD (emphysema..which is no big surprise..he's been smoking for 40 years..). he's out of the hospital now, and has been staying with my grandparents, who are helping him recover. hasn't smoked since 10/26 (the day of the accident), and looks awesome. he's lost some weight and is finally getting some sleep. things are looking good for him. lets hope once he goes home on his own, he'll keep up the no smoking and using the c-pap at night.

i don't know why i'm posting this. i think just so i have a record of what happened. the image of his bruised and battered body will be forever burned in my brain, but writing about it helps a little. i've never seen him like that. it ripped my heart out. i have never been so scared or so helpless in my life. all i could do was sit there and hold his hand and talk about random crap, just to let him know i was there. even though we knew it looked a lot worse than it was, i still had that fear, in the back of my mind, that he may not pull out of this. all i could think about was what i would do without him. i've had a lot of friends from high school losing their dads lately, and i'm so thankful i didn't join that club.

we'll be spending thanksgiving with him this year. i've never been so thankful for anything in my life.
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[12 Oct 2009|10:13am]
go here to see my new baby!


name: kzielinski
password: awesome
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[09 Oct 2009|08:50pm]
so. i haven't updated in years. really, it's been almost 2 years.

i had a baby yesterday.

Eleanor LaRae arrived via c-section at 0328. 8lb 10oz, 20in long. giant head, so i guess a c-section was a good thing.

maybe in another 2 years i'll post some pictures. not like anyone reads this anymore!

love to those who do.
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[27 Nov 2007|01:47am]
 as some of you may know, jen (my best friend in the world) is pregnant with twins. she's actually due on my grandma's birthday (march 17th). her water broke around wednesday of last week. this is not good. apparently the sac around lance is broken (i don't know if it's just a tear or what), and she's in the hospital indefinetly. i believe they want to get her to at least 6 months, which is about mid december.

so if you could all say a little prayer or do whatever you do for jen and the babies (lance and reagan), it'd be much appreciated.

i'm going to be getting a package together of some things to keep her mind a little occupied, so any ideas will be appreciated! 

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[14 Sep 2007|11:28am]
[ mood | contemplative ]


highlights from the last time i posted:

*started school. boring. only taking 2 classes. algebra and psych. algebra is going to be the death of me. i'll be the first person to die of a math related injury.

*moved. we now have a 2 bedroom apartment in the same complex as before. not really all that exiting. i just have more wall space to put up all the random shit i own.

*got punched in the face at work. oh the joys of working in a psych hospital.

*jen's wedding reception is next friday. alex and i are making a weekend of it. friday night in dayton, saturday in cincy and sunday in batesville. anyone want a visitor?

highlights from this week:

*new scrubs. seriously. scrubs are the most exciting thing in the world to me. got some i love lucy and julius the monkey (paul frank) tops. they're wonderful.

*picked up kanye's cd on tuesday. doing my part to help 50 cent quit rapping.

*listened to above cd a million times. on repeat.

*went to bdubs with heather (not heather from UE, heather from work). then proceeded to go to priscilla's and exotica.

*saw the biggest rubber penis ever. seriously. we're talking about record setting.

*proceeded to get smacked in the face with said rubber penis.

*pizza night tonight with the love.

*cuddling and sleeping in tomorrow morning.

*life is good. very very good.

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[01 May 2007|10:35pm]
oh yes. so many good things going on, i'm almost afraid to post them! i can't afford a jinx!!


alex is starting ivy tech at the end of may, and i'm (hopefully) starting UE in the fall. (it depends on the financial aid. i don't get to go free until january, but they pay 50% of what the government doesn't pay, so we may be able to pay the difference)

alex is going for criminal justice, and he's going to become a policeman officer (that won't make sense unless you've seen hot fuzz). i'm going pre law, and i'm going to be a lawyer.

we're planning on moving to chicago when we're all done with school here, and i'll do law school there and alex will be the fuzz.


i'm working at the state hospital. i feel so grown up. it's scary.

everything is working out. it's great. i'm kinda waiting for the bottom to fall out, but let's hope that doesn't happen!

so yes. i'm happy. he's happy. and i have a friend.

life is good.
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i hate ken griffey jr. [16 Apr 2007|06:56pm]
[ mood | pouty ]

fox sports net ohio is a beautiful thing...

except for the constant skyline comercials..

it only makes me hungry...

and sad...

i miss cincinnati. more than i care to explain. :(

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long winded ramble on why alex is fan-fucking-tastic. [12 Apr 2007|08:48pm]
i love alex more than breathing.
given the choice, i'd pick alex.
he has really pretty blue eyes.
he doesn't make fun of me when i ask him really dumb questions.
he doesn't always make fun of my music choices.
and he'll watch x-files with me into the wee hours of the morning.
and he'll fill me in when i end up falling asleep.
he eats whatever crap i make.
and pretends to like it.
sometimes when he runs out of boy bath stuff, he uses mine. and he smells yummy.
he makes me take vitamins.
he rinses the sink out after he shaves.
he lets me burrito myself up in the blanket, and doesn't even complain (too much).
he makes me eat wheat bread (it's for my own good, he tells me).
jesus loves him, just ask my grandma.
he shows me how to hold a drumstick, knowing that i'll forget in 5 seconds, and i'll never really need to know.
he wants to be a vegan with me.
(he's better at being a vegan than me.)
he lets me watch the same movies over and over.
i can talk to him about pooping.

that's all for now.
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[12 Apr 2007|08:44pm]
so my friend chuck had a birthday, and because i'm awesome, i made him a cake!!

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10 things i may (not) hate about you... (x-posted to myspace) [05 Apr 2007|06:58pm]
delete these ten statements,
and write your own ten statements,
intended to different people.
never tell which one is to who
things you've always wanted to tell people

1. there are no words in any language to explain what you mean to me. we've been through hell and back together, and i wouldn't change a minute of it. i haven't seen you in what seems like forever, but always know i'm here for you. you'll always be my best friend, no matter where time takes us. i love you.

2. i hate you so much for what you've done to them. especially him. you never even gave him a chance. you've done nothing but discourage him and beat him down. let him be happy for once. re evaluate your own situation, and realize that the world is not out to get you. not everyone hates you. no one is attacking you, without good reason. grow up and realize he'd help if you asked and truly meant it this time. you've almost totally lost them, especially him. open your eyes. see what's in front of you and fix it.

3. you guys were all i felt i had growing up. even though we clashed so much and my world views are totally different than yours, thank you for at least respecting them. thanks for giving us a place to go when we needed to get away, and giving us the opportunity to do so much. without you, we wouldn't have been able to do so many once in a lifetime type stuff. i know he feels the same way i do. i love you guys so much. you'll probably never know how much you mean to me (and him).

4. thank you for everything you've done. you don't know how much it means to us. without you guys, we'd be lost. you've given us so much, and we're eternally grateful. i don't think you really know what it's meant to him. he needed you for so long, and was unable to get to you. it's nice to know you never stopped loving him, and that you were able to put everything behind you and pick up where you left off. thank you for everything, especially for loving him so much.

5. you touched my life in ways i could never even try to explain. even though you could never say it, i know you loved me. one look into those beautiful blue eyes of yours, told me everything i needed to know. you opened a whole new world to me, and i'm so grateful. i love you so much and not a day goes by that i don't think about you. it's been almost 2 years since i last saw your penguin face, and it still hurts so much. i thought i was starting to forget, but little things make me remember. you'll always be with me, till the day we meet again.

6. i wish things could be like they were before, but they can't. you made sure of that. you cut me out completely, for no reason at all. you had a better life somewhere else and you took it. you threw away our friendship for what? for nothing. you became 'best friends' with people you used to hate and talk smack about, because they were in the crowd you wanted to be in. you've threatened to 'ruin' me with things said to you in confidence, and trust me. what i've got on you, would rock your world more than what you've got on me. but i'll never use it. i still hold out hope that some day you'll realize i'm what you're searching for. and i've been here all along.

7. i'm not sorry i took that $20 bet. if i hadn't, where would we be today? you're the absolute best, and i love what we have. i hate some of the things we've been through, but i've loved the journey. i'm hoping it will continue for ever, and it will only get better. you'll always be my little conductor. :)

8. even though we weren't close when we were younger, i love what we have now. you're one of my best friends, and i'd do anything for you. i wish you'd come to me for advice about some things. i've been through a lot of what you're going through, so i may be able to help you. i love you. don't forget that. ever.

9. it really hurts my feelings that you seem to forget about me. i know i'm not right there, but i'm always 'there' for you. i wish you would stand up for yourself more. i wish you'd see that you don't deserve half the shit you put up with. i wish you'd stop saying you had no friends, when you've had me all along. i wish you'd remember that. and you'd return my phone calls/emails. it's lonely without you.

10. i wish we were as close as we were. we rushed into some things we weren't ready to handle. i expected his and my friendship to end, but not ours. i thought we were stronger than that. i am glad that we've grown up, and are trying to rebuild something that resembles what we had before. i heart you.
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[21 Mar 2007|02:31am]
the dog just took the most foul dump ever...in the bedroom.

for some reason alex thinks it's the funniest thing in the history of the world.

tell me, why do boys think poo is funny?
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[12 Mar 2007|08:00pm]
[ mood | depressed ]

for once, i'd like things to go right. something to work out. anything.

all i want to do is be able to go to school, get a good job, pay off my immense amount of debt, and maybe move into a nice place. someday have babies, and not have to worry about anything. have health insurance. be able to buy my husband a present on his birthday (no matter how little and dumb). be able to buy clothes that fit (and maybe stop wearing the same jeans i've had since my junior year of high school. (some of them are looking pretty ragged). maybe be able to go the grocery store and buy what we need/want, instead of the cheapest things we can find to sustain us until the next payday. maybe be able to pay one bill and not worry about what bill won't get paid this month.

we've never been this broke. i know it's my fault. i can't do anything to remedy it. i've tried to find something better and i constantly get shot down. apparently i'm not qualified for anything but retail. and even then, i'm not going to be able to make as much as i make now (and i don't make much, but it's more than most), and i'd be lucky to get as many hours as i get now (which is hilarious, seeing i work like 10/week). i just think it's funny that i have this great job in cincinnati (which i never should have left, i'm seriously kicking myself now), a job that most would think would open some doors for other jobs, but here, it closes them. people see me as untrainable, or unadaptable. whatever. at this point, i'd adapt to just about anything.

i'm going to be taking a cna class starting on the 9th. hopefully this will open some doors. hopefully. i'm not holding my breath. i can't even pay for that myself. i had to beg my dad, and pretty much promise him a kidney should he ever need one, and i have no clue how i'll ever be able to pay him back. as far as the supplies for the class go, alex's parents are taking care of that. i mean, i guess alex's stepmom gets a discount because she's super medic woman and all, but still. i'm not even their kid.

without alex's parents, we'd be lost. they've done more for us that i could ever express. it still pisses me off though. not that they've helped us (believe me. we've never been more grateful to anyone in our lives), but the fact that here we are, 2 able bodied adults, and we can't take care of our business. i mean, we lost our car because we couldn't pay for it. if it wasn't for them, we'd still be walking. they randomly give us money, and it's always gone towards some bill. even the money they give us for christmas, goes straight for some bill or some daily living expense. it's sad. i mean, my mom is keeping me afloat with my student loans. she can't afford it. she's got rent to pay. and she had to buy all new furniture, and she's still paying off bills from my dad. i'm 24 years old. when am i going to grow the fuck up?

i finally get the chance to go to UE for free, and i still don't think i can do it. i fucked myself royally when i was there before (thinking it didn't matter, because i'd never be back), and now, they don't have to take me back. i've got to complete one semester at another university, and ivy tech may not count. so the cheapest school ever, probably won't even work. and even if i do miraculously figure out a way to do the whole USI thing, i still have to pay for books. books aren't cheap. especially at UE. they figure they're private, so lets only use new books. get new editions every year! so you can't even get half of them cheap. whatever. jerks.

i (we) don't want to live here forever. originally the plan was to move here, some how go to UE, and get the hell out. well, the plan looked like it might work when alex started working there. the plan was modified to: alex work. kristina go to school full time all the time and graduate as soon as possible. yeah. not going to happen. we're never going to get to the point where i can just not work and go to school and get it over with. i know i'm beating a dead horse, and i probably shouldn't bitch because i have this opportunity for a free education at a great school, but i'm being realistic. this is not going the way we need it to go.

what if i would've just handled business when i was here before? would things be different? yes, they would. i would've graduated. i would've gotten a decent job somewhere in cincinnati. but i don't think alex i would've gotten married. i don't even know if we'd be together. he probably would've ended up joining the army, and would be god knows where right now. i like to think he would've waited for me, but who knows. (we all know i would've waited for him, because i'm pathetic like that) so i guess i wouldn't change that for anything. i just wish i would've made better choices and this whole equation would be a little easier. not much, but a little.

so if someone on my flist wins the lotto, please, toss a little my way. just a little.

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[08 Feb 2007|05:23pm]
-took the dog to the vet today! thought i'd be all awesome and walk him over. it's maybe a mile away...

it was really cold. like really really cold. he didn't mind, but my hands sure did. he was good for the most part. he only pooped once (in a non poop allowing place), and no one was really watching, so we didn't have to run.

-luckily there were no other dogs in the waiting room, so we didn't have to worry about his humping habit. (he bats for both teams, people. he doesn't discriminate) he made friends with the receptionists, and later tried to take refuge from the scary vet tech under their desks.

-contrary to popular belief, he is not rabid, just horny. and sadly there is no shot for that. the only option for what ails him is a. a girlfriend, or b. total castration. it just seems a little...mean. i mean, they are his testicles. who am i to decide what he does with them? i wouldn't be too happy if alex's mom had his chopped off..i mean, i don't think he'd be too happy about that either. and it cost 200+ bucks. i mean, if i cut out the pain pills/injections, then i can get it done for 170, but he's getting his nuts cut off! he deserves the strong shit.

-got some weird stuff shot up his nose. he really wasn't too happy about that. and the fact that scary vet tech lady was holding him by said testicles. i don't think she meant to, but note to self: next time i feel the need to shoot something up dogs nose, don't hold onto nuts.

-apparently he has abnormally thick skin. they kept comparing it to a cat, which i guess means cats have thick skins. maybe that's why they're so snotty. they're just better than the rest of the animal kingdom, due to their fantastically thick skin.

-he didn't flinch once during the bloodwork/shot portion of the event. i mean, he wasn't too happy, but he did turn on his best pitiful face and everyone felt bad (except me. i can see right through his act!) and gave him treats.

-he has a severe yeast infection in his ears. i really didn't even know this was possible, but that's why he's been having all the ear problems. she's concerned that it might have moved into his inner ear, since he has this head tilt (i thought he was just making an inquisitive pose..i didn't know it was pain related..), and his ears smell horrible, which makes his whole self smell bad.

-he now has 2 prescriptions and doesn't care for either. i get to shoot stuff into his ears 2x a day, and trick him into eating some big pink pill.

-now i'm 183 bucks poorer. i made a pitiful face when i paid, and no one gave me a treat. bitches.
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[22 Dec 2006|01:05am]
I HATE MY JOB. more than i've ever hated any job..ever.
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[15 Dec 2006|11:30pm]
dear livejournal,

i'm sorry you've been so negelected!! myspace is just waaay too tempting these days. i doubt anyone still reads you, but i'm going to make it better! i promise that i'll write more in you and less in myspace.

please don't hate me.

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[04 Jul 2006|01:06am]
so. i'm handling my business. i need feedback, people, feedback!!


July 3, 2006

Dear Stonehedge Management:

This is the final time I will notify you of our severe bug (German roach) infestation, and other assorted problems, before taking action. You have been notified of all of them, more than once. This is the first time in writing.

You were 1st notified on September 26, 2005. I spoke to Kathy. I informed her that upon move in, I discovered a few bugs in the cabinets, and droppings on top of the refrigerator and counter tops. She took note of this and told me someone would be in touch with me to fix the problem. With the confusion and stress of move in and trying to find a job, the problem lost importance. I notified the office again on the 5th of November. As winter came, we didn’t see the bugs much anymore. On a very rare occasion, one would run across the floor, but that was the extent. I thought maybe the cold had driven them off.

In mid April, I opened the cabinets above my refrigerator (which prior to then had never been used), to discover 30 or 40 of these bugs, a few egg casings, and a large amount of droppings. I called once again, and was told that someone would be in touch to take care of this problem. No one ever called me back. I opened this cabinet again on June 30th, and was disgusted to discover too many bugs/egg casings to count.

I have contacted the office a few times since then, with other problems, and I’ve always mentioned the bugs. No one has done a thing.

My dishwasher has not worked since December 24, 2005. I called around 4.30pm on Christmas Eve, after my dishwasher leaked into my kitchen. My entire kitchen was flooded, and water had seeped into my dining area, as well as hallway leading to the bedroom and bathroom. The woman in the office, Vicki, told me this was a maintenance concern, and to notify them. I called them. I was told that because it was Christmas Eve, that they couldn’t get anyone out there to fix it, and because the maintenance worker was at a family party, he could do nothing. He said he’d be in touch after the holiday to get things sorted out. He never called again, and all of my calls thereafter went unanswered or ignored.

As for the lack of hot water the on the 23rd and 24th of June, I called to report the issue on Friday, June 23rd at 5pm. No one answered. I walked over to the office after I hung up, only to discover the doors locked. Posted office hours on a Friday are 8.30am to 5.30pm. No one was there after 5pm. I called again at 10.15 Saturday, June 24th, and received no answer. Posted office hours are 10am-5pm. I called again at 12pm, and was told ‘they’re working on the problem’. I did not have hot water until after 7pm Saturday evening. Everyone in my building had hot water on Saturday morning.

As for the roach problem, we have purchased a few items, to hopefully help eradicate the problem. Since this is not my responsibility, I am deducting the amount I spent on removal items from my rent for the month of July. (A copy of original register receipt is included) I am giving you two weeks from the receipt of this letter to have an exterminator come to my apartment and start the removal process. Myself or my husband, Alex, must be notified 48 hours in advance, and be present at all times. No one is to enter my apartment regarding this matter without one or both of us present. No exceptions. If this problem is not eradicated (or if the numbers of roaches has not decreased dramatically) in one week from the time a certified exterminator reviews the problem, the health department will be notified, as well as all other applicable state/citywide agencies. I will also pursue legal action at this time. You have had over nine months to handle this situation, and no action has been taken.

As for the dishwasher, I am paying extra for this. I have had no access, and I am seeking compensation. I will also give you two weeks from the receipt of this letter to fix the problem. No one enters my apartment without my notification, and my presence. If it is not fixed within this time, proper agencies will be notified, and compensation will be sought.

Any questions, concerns, comments regarding this letter must be written and either hand delivered or sent through the United States Postal Service. No letter is to be slipped under my door or slipped next to my mail box. This is for my protection as well as the protection of the apartment complex.

Thank you,

Alex and Kristina Zielinski
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shady business (x-posted to myspace!) [24 Jun 2006|10:07am]
[ mood | irritated ]

we have no hot water. and no one seems to care. well, the other people living in our building care, since they have no hot water either.

i had to work at 7am yesterday. that meant i had to leave my house by 5.30am to make sure i got there on time (i walk). i had to take a freezing cold shower first thing in the morning. contrary to popular belief, a cold shower did NOT wake me up. it just made me cold, which made me want to climb back into my nice warm bed, beside my nice warm husband, and my nice personal heating pad, the dog.

the useless maintenance men were out 'fixing' it last night at midnight. they said they fixed it. they didn't. i called this morning and informed them, to which they replied: "we fixed that last night"...uh..obviously not. my new friends upstairs got the same response.

this is sad. i pay $468/ month in rent. my apartment has a dishwasher (that doesn't work. and it hasn't worked since christmas eve), a garbage disposal (which works when it feels like it...it usually doesn't work after i peel potatoes or put something particularly gross in it), and a pool (that was supposed to open on memorial day, and is STILL not open). now. these are all ammenities (sp?) that i pay extra for. and i have no access to any of them. sadly, i cannot afford a lawyer or i would put my rent in escro (sp?) and get my shit fixed. oh, and don't forget about the bugs, the bedroom window that does not close (and when it rains, our dresser gets wet), none of our inside doors close (when you close them, they lock automatically. i've become an expert at popping a door open with a credit card..actually, we use my cincinnati library card..same diff), and the tile/carpet that was damaged when i had 3 inches of standing water from the dishwasher (oh yeah, don't forget the towels that got ruined from cleaning that mess up).

they've been notified of everything.

oh wait! it gets better. we got a bill from vectren (gas/electric company) in march for $5700. i freaked. called and found out that it's not my bill, so we were cool. we went out the other night, and came home to a disconnect notice hanging on our door. yet the tv was still on. called again. found out it's not us, it's the apartment complex's bill. the house meter was shut off. now 16 apartments (all the ones in my 'block') have no lights in the hallway of the apartments, no outside porch light (except for each individual's light) and no flood/safety lights on the outside of the apartments. so it's pretty dark and scary back here. i have a feeling that may have something to do with the lack of hot water...

in short. i'm pissed. i don't know what to do, and i really don't want to take a cold shower today...and theres no getting out of it.

(if you have myspace, you should probably add me. or post your link think, and i'll add you. that's where all the good stuff happens.)

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[27 May 2006|09:13am]
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